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Mr. Kartawijaya come to house, and there is Mrs. Kartawijaya who’s cleaning the table in the living room unintentionally hit her husband make the bottle he brought drops

Mr. Kartawijaya : (pllllaaaaaakkkkkkk!!!!!)
Mrs. Kartawijaya : aauuuuuu… (with a pity face). Are you drinking, dad?
Mr. Kartawijaya : That’s not your bussines! give me your money!!
Mrs. Kartawijaya : All my money has been given to you yesterday, dad. I have no money, now.
Mr. Kartawijaya : aarrrggghhhhh!!! You are idiot!

There comes Indah, the oldest daughter
Indah : Mom,, are you okay? Dad why are you rough on Mommy?
Mr. Kartawijaya : Shut up! You little girl, it’s not your bussines.
Mrs. Kartawijaya : Go to your bedroom dear. Please..
Indah : But, Mom..
Mrs. Kartawijaya : Dont worry honey, I’ll be alright.


Mr. Kartawijaya : (comes closer to his wife) Honey, may I borrow your ring? Just for tonight, and I will give it back to you, as soon as possible.
Mrs. Kartawijaya : What’s for? But, this is our wedding ring. I can’t give it to you.
Mr. Kartawijaya : aahhhhh! Damn! Give it to me! Put off your ring! (forced his wife to give the ring)
Mrs. Kartawijaya : Please, dont take it, dad. It’s the only thing I have now… dadd…

Finally, Mr. Kartawijaya got the ring, and sold it. He went to prostitution as ussual.
John : Hii bro! Why you look so crumpled?
Mr. Kartawijaya : You know my wife? She didn’t give me money.
John : So, you can’t play for tonight? Aahhh,, how pity you are.. hhahaahahahahahaha
Mr. Kartawijaya : Don’t call me Mr. Kartawijaya if I can’t get money. Hehehehehe
John : Let’s come in and have fun together.
Aline : Hiii dear. How are you tonight? You look so hansome, dear..
Mr. Kartawijaya : Hhmmhhh you naughty girl. Hehehe
Andien : Darling..
Mr. Kartawijaya : Yeess honey?
Andien : Look at my shoes. It’s broken. I wan to have a new shoes. Let’s shopping honey..
Mr. Kartawijaya : Okay. If I win tonight, I will give you everything you want.
Aline : Me too. I also want to go shopping..

Mr. Kartawijaya : Don’t worry honey..
Aline : Darling, by the way, your oldest daughter has been graduated from senior high school, hasn’t she?
Mr. Kartawijaya : Yes. I want her earn money for me.
Andien : Owh, I know. Mami is looking for new girl.
Aline : That’s right. Pick her to mamy, I am sure that mami will accept her with pleasure.
Mr. Kartawijaya : Oohh yaaa… I’ll pick her tomorrow. Thank you dear.. you always understand me..
Aline : Anything for you.. (smile)

(In the house)
Mr. Kartawijaya : Open the door!!
Erni : Wait a moment… Dad,,
Mr. Kartawijaya : Why?
Erni : It’s about my school fee. It’s already 3 month I didnt pay it.
Mr. Kartawijaya : Ask to your Mom
Erni : But, she hasn’t
Riani : Dad..
Mr. Kartawijaya : Why?
Riani : My shoes is already broken. I want to buy a new one..
Mr. Kartawijaya: aarrggggg… Get out of here you two! Don’t disturb me…!!!

Erni and Riani left Mr. Kartawijaya alone and there Mr. Kartawijaya was thinking about selling his oldest daughter to a procuress.
Mr. Kartawijaya : Indah! (no reply) Indah..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Indah : Yes, Dad
Mr. Kartawijaya : What are you doing! Are you deaf?
Mrs. Kartawijaya : Whats wrong, my husband? Why are you scream like that.
Mr. Kartawijaya : Indah, you have to go with me tonight.
Indah : But, where will we go, Dad?
Mr. Kartawijaya : Don’t ask to much! Just do my command.
Mrs. Kartawijaya : Where will you take her, dad?
Mr. Kartawijaya : Be quiet!

At night, Mr. Kartawijaya pick Indah to the prostitution.
Indah : Where is this, Dad? What place is this?
Mr. Kartawijaya : Just follow me!
Aline: Hiii dear…is she your daughter?
Andien : Hhhmmmm…she’s quite beautiful.
Mr. Kartawijaya : Take it. I’ll go know, and don’t forget with the money, ok?
Aline : Okay…Wait..wait…wait. I’ll call mami. Mamii….
Mami : Hemhhhh…..Is she the girl that you said?
Andien : Ahaa……
Mami : Okay, just follow me, honey. Don’t be afraid. Come on dear.
          John!!! this what you want!
John : Wooow!!!! So beautiful! Hyy, sweety……
Indah : I wanna back home…..please,,,,
John : (facing Mami) This is for you darling. (giving the money)
Mami : Ohohohohoooo…..Thank you, beb. Enjoy your night….
John : Come on dear…..Don’t be afraid…..
Indah : Please…Let me go……I just wanna back home…
John : Come on…enjoy our night….stay closer dear….
Indah : No…no…don’t touch me !
John : aarghhh….damn! (slap Indah and push her)

In the next morning, Mr. Kartawijaya who just back home from prostitution place meets her wife, Mrs. Kartawijaya
Mrs. Kartawijaya : Mas, why are you alone? Where is Indah?
Mr. Kartawijaya : Indah??? She has been sold.
Mrs. Kartawijaya : What!!! How can you sell your own daugther?!
Mr. Kartawijaya : That’s not your bussines Sumi! She is my daugther! Prepare my breakfast idiot! (leave Mrs. Kartawijaya)

Listeningthat her daughter has been sold by her husband, Mrs. Kartawijaya lose her tolerance. She looks so angry and call her daugther…
Mrs. Kartawijaya : Erni…Riani!
Erni : Yes, Mom…
Mrs. Kartawijaya : Go…Play with your sister outside.
Riani : Ok, Mom…

After the two daughters come out, Mrs. Kartawijaya prepares the breakfast for her husband and puts a poisoned in it.
Mrs. Kartawijaya : Ilove you, my husband…..
                          the breakfast is ready.
Mr. Kartawijaya : You take so long, jerk !

After Mr. Kartawijaya eat, suddenly he can’t braeth and fall from the seat

Mrs. Kartawijaya : May God bless you, My husband.

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