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Drama bahasa inggris pengorbanan orang tua untuk anak

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Jumlah pemain 5 orang

Drama players:
1. Dita
2. Veni
3. Tika
4. Huda
5. Ardi

What's up friends?

Veni's friends:
All right. How about you Dit?

Thank God, I'm healthy.

How are you father Dit? He's well, right?

Thank God, he's really healthy. Thank you for asking my parent condition.

Dit, Did your father was sick yesterday?

Yes, but now he's already healthy.

I am sorry, I did not get to see because I did not know. Gratitude when it's healthy.

Its okay Tik, thanks for care.

Dit, you better keep your father well. Do not let him get too much pain may recur work, he's old.

Sure Hud! After recovering yesterday I've banned my Father worked heavy.

That's true Dit.

Come to think of our parents have sacrificed so much for us. We should be able to be a kid who knows reciprocation. We have to give enough attention to him. Replying to his giving to us, and trying to make him feel proud of our character.

Dita's friends:
You're absolutely Ar. We must not be a child of a parent who only can be a hassle. We must respond to any gift to us. Appreciate his sacrifice for us. Without it, we do not even know whether we have enough to eat.

If you contemplate, we are not be able to reply to service and sacrifice of our parents. They were able to do everything for us. Something that is not capable of doing could be done for the future of their children. By the way, we must always remember and strive to treat them as queens in our lives. Do not ever exist among us negligent and indifferent to the condition of our parents, including at the time of his illness.

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